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A clean fit?

It seems a carpenter will come over and change the shelves, so I have to decide how they they will be...

I will obviously choose DVD sized shelf height, since most things I have are DVD shaped, the main problem is deciding what will go where...

I had to do some calculations but I won't really know it will work out in the end...

I'm sure I have space for everything, the only problems is putting them in more or less organized and neatly display fashion...

But I think I'll manage, but I'm not sure if the the shelves will look dull with just DVDs, games, books and such, so I might put some figurine in front of them?

Anyway, it seems I don't have to work in the shop much today, but I do have lots of cleaning to do...

My copy of Oblivion hasn't arrived and I think Animal Crossing might be out tomorrow!

Oh well, back to work...
Tags: apartment improvement
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