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Daylight time savings suck!

I almost complete forgot about daylight savings yesterday! I was so busy with all the work, that I only noticed when I saw that my PC (which changes the hour automatically) had different time than my other clocks....

Fortunately, most of the gadgets I have change the hour automatically too! My Nintendo DS, my Pocket PC...

Oddly enough, my PDA watch didn't! Oh, come on! You're a bloody PDA! Argh! I hate more each day! Now I know why they were so cheap... ¬_¬

Anyway, the worst part is that the US hasn't done daylight savings yet, which means I have wait for nearly everything!

I'm way too used to wake up and read Wapsi Square, now, for a week, I have to wait 30 mintues, which feel like hours! :P

And the stuff that updates before I leave to work will have to wait until I'm back from work.... Dang...

But next time everything will be set one hour earlier, I suppose?
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