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Taking a break....

I'm on a little lunch break before I go back to working on the apartment again...

I won't post pics yet since we haven't finished for today, but I will later!

Man, do I ever need a shower!

It's starting to look good, and everything is fitting into place, more or less...

We might hang some of the prints today, but the thing is I have to hang them thinking about the other ones, that I haven't even purchased yet....

While having lunch, I browsed a little and found that all the authors have prints availible, but will some I'm having a hard time choosing which to pick, special with the ones that say you can have a print from anything on the site, or any of their strips...

So far I've only decided which print I want from Jin Wicked and Steve Purcell, I haven't decided on the rest...

And.... Lunch break is over! Back to work! :P
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