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It begins?

Hmm, it seems I won't be sleeping in a bed a while...

The apartment doesn't have running water yet, and even if it did, we only have the toilet and the shower, and I need somewhere to wash my hands...

My bed isn't made either, literally! It might be made tomorrow with luck...

So far, we've cleaned a little, made a few holes (the paint job doesn't like to have holes made in it... :P) to secure some shelves, and that's it for today, but my mind is working right now...

Most walls will be covered in shelves, which will be full of games, DVDS, comics and figures, but one wall, which is next to the bed won't...

This is where I will hang my prints, and this is what I'm pondering about...

So far, I have the Wapsi print, the Miyamoto print, and the Buckner & Garcia authograped photo, but I'm planning to add more, but...

I'm not sure what to add...

The first thing that comes to mind is... How much distance can I leave between these framed prints? I'm sure there wouldn't look nice if I clustered them right next to each other...

I'd love to get me a B-movie or horror poster, which are easy enough to find on the net, but I just can't decide on which! Godzilla? Frankestein? Dracula?

Prints I'd like to add:

-Sam & Max, which I will purchase ASAP!
-It's Walky/Shortpacked
-Girls with Slingshots
-Something from Jin Wicked
-Something from Jennie Breedan

I wonder if I could fit them all in one wall, without looking too cluttered? Heck, I wonder if I can get my hands on prints from all these authors! :P

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