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OH MY GOD! It's the final countdown!

This is it! I might have my bedroom ready this weekend!

This might be the last few days I sleep on the sofa! YEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!

For some strange reason I couldn't find something to do for the weekend, but know I sure will be busy!

But this also means that I will finally know if have to sell more of my stuff, because what I can't fit in my room must go! T_T

I sure hope I don't have to sell anything I don't want to...

It also mean I must check to see if everything is there, and in one piece, just checking the videogames will take a week alone....

I finally get to hang the Wapsi print on the wall! EEEEEE!

I'll finally have my PC and bed in the same room! Boo-yah!

I'm excited, scared and confused at the same time!

(Poings around!)

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