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Game Journal March 21: Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse

Eddie "Stubbs" Stubblefields was a door to door salesman, a salesman who couldn't sell ice cream in the Sahara Desert!

One day, poor Eddie met his fate at the end of a shot of hillbilly who just didn't like salesman, and burried him in the middle of nowhere...

30 years later, Eddie is back, with a hunger for brains, and his just found his calling in "life"...

Yes, you heard, you play the ZOMBIE in this game! It's about time!

This game takes places in the city of Punchbowl circa 1959, yet this town is already in the 21st century! This "futuristic" city is just how they promised us the future would be in those old shows and toons, hovercars, robots, and all that jazz...

Speaking of jazz, the music will sound quite familiar since they are real tunes from that era sung by modern artists!

Despite the fact that is uses the Halo engine, it's not a shooter! A zombie with a gun would be just wrong! But the coppers have guns, lots and lots of them!

Stubbs the Zombie is the only zombie where you play as the zombie and because you are a zombie, you are obviously, slow... and dumb...

BUT, zombies are pretty hard to stop! They may not be able to use guns, but they can take a lot more shots that a mortal can! Not to mention they are pretty strong!

Stubbs has many zombie powers, not only does his health and power regenerate when he eats brains, but each human he kills with his powers BECOME zombies!

So, you can overrun the city with the undead! The undead will try to follow you around, and you can whistle to call their attention, but they won't obey you since they are too dumb, and you can't talk anyway...

An army of zombie can be used to take down a lot of copper as an "human" shield, if you want...

But there is MORE! Eating all those brains gives Stubbs gas, and zombie farts are quite fowl, so fowl that any human that smells them will be stunned a while, which you should take to eat their brains out!

Stubbs is falling apart and a big gap in his abdomen, you can actually see his overripe guts, which are quite volatile, explosvie actually! Throw one (they regenerate) and they will stick (EWW!) and blow up on command or timed, anything killed by this will become a zombie too!

Sometimes Stubbs will need a helping hand, so he just uses his! He can detach his arm which can scuttle around and climb walls and POSSES humans! Which is useful since you can use their weapons on the other humans and the take a while figure out that something is wrong...

You might lose you head with all the caos and destruction going about, Stubbs sure does! He can use his head as a bowling bowl, which can explode and create more zombie too!

The game are a sense of humor, sometime potty humor, but it's always funny to see what the humans say when you eat them ("Icky teeth! On my.. pretty brain!")

Obviously the game is quite gory, but I've seen MUCH worse!

There in one scene which makes me laugh everytime I see it, the Gas-bots (which give out gasoline, not flatulance), seems to enjoy filling your car's tank a bit too much, if you know what I mean! (Eww! Bot porn!)

You start in the centre of the city where you meet Guide-Bot who doesn't seem to care that you eat brains as long as you seem interested in her tour, soon you reach a botanical garden, following a woman you have fallen in love with, but somehow endup in the Police Station where you must defeat the Chief of Police... In a dance contest?

After a little chaos in the mall (Hmm, mall food is yummy!), you end up in a hillbilly farm, the same farm where you met your end!

Then you try to get back to the city through the power plant, where nature calls, and civilization falls, because you just caused nearly all the town to turn zombie!

Then you drag your carcass to try to meet the "ghoul" of your dreams, but I won't spoil it!

As a zombie movie fan, I must say I really enjoyed this game, it was fun to see zombies I created running amok, and some part were just damn cool!

Once I was going to smash a door to get through, but Stubbs just smashed his hand through, and pulled out a victim, something which I didn't know he could do!

And will entering a house, I found a redneck aiming it's rifle at me, standing near the window when all of the sudden... GRAOGH! One of my zombie pals smashes his arm throught the windows and gets him!

Two final things I should note, it ran like butter on my PC, it's loaded nearly instantly! Second it actually gas a director's comment, unfortunately you have to play the game on the hardest mode to hear them, and I just couldn't do it, I got shot so many times I couldn't even move!
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