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Game Journal March 19: Shadow the Hedgehog (To the X-treme!)

If you know Sonic the Hedgehog, you'll know Shadow, he was introduced into the series with Sonic Adventure 2, a black hedgehog who lost his memory and fought for Robotnik, until he remembered and helped Sonic out and... Died?

I'm still not sure how he got back, but he was, with AMNESIA! AGAIN! And AGAIN!

This is his first solo game, he seems to have forgotten his past again, and wants to recover it, when all of the sudden some evil black alien start to invade the planet, and the head of the alien says he will tell him about his past if he gets him the Chaos Emeralds...

And this is were the story begins, you can chose between three paths, the path of good, the neutral and the evil one, and each path will bring you to a different level, until you reach the final battle!

The problem is, you have to do each path twice, to get the real ending, which meand playing the game TEN times! Which isn't much for a figthing game, but for a plataformer? No way, Jose! I'm just get the one ending and be happy with it...

The game sometimes doesn't make sense and is even non "canon" a few times...

In one level you enter cyber space, not with a virtual reality suit, you just JUMP IN!

Oh did I mention the "best" part? He uses GUNS in this game! Why? Because, he's dark and angtsy, and it looks cool... ¬_¬

You can tell this game was an experiment, and while not failing, it doesn't succed either...

It fails to give your the super sonic feeling most Sonic games give you, but is still fun to play, just not enough to play it 10 times, that is....
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