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Curse you Daylight Savings Time! CURSE YOU!

I finally figured it out...

It appears that Europe sets their clocks an hour forward ONE WEEK before the US!

I always wondered why for a week all US sites seemed to be an hour late...

This really destroys my "agenda" for the week...

I usually wake up at 5:30 AM and have breakfast while checking my mail and surfing the net, becuase at 6:00AM it's 0:00AM in the US and most sites upate at that time, but now I have to wait an extra hour!
But I can't I have to go to work at 6:30, so I have to wait till I finish work to read Sluggy Freelance!

If I'm lucky at 9:00 I've done all work and have a break to have a 2nd breakfast/snack and do some chores/errands, which is when Wapsi Sqaure updates, but not this week, now I have to wait till 10AM...

Good thing it's only for a week, but I wonder why we don't do this "time warp" at the same time?

I also feel gyped, 30 Second Bunny Theater is actually 35 seconds long! Sometimes more! OK, I don't really mind, I just wanted to point it out...

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