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Game Journal March 17: Vietiful Joe: Double Trouble

I must confess I haven't played the previous chapter of this game, so I don't know much of the back story...

Joe is a superhero and a big fan of movie superheros, as matter of fact he has super hero MOVIE powers!

But he only has his powers when on film or IN a film, he's a normal guy otherwise...

The adventure starts as Jasmine, Joe's sister is making a film with Joe's hero Captain Blue, but some evil creatures steal the film, and Joe chases them, only to find out he has no powers...

But since they were filming a movie already they decided to focus the camera on Joe, so he can transform and give chase to the bad guys...

When transformed, he has not only movie-like powers, but powers over the movie itself! He has the power to slow down time, while slowed down, he dodges attacks easily, and pack a bit more of a punch...

He has a "scratch" power which can attack enemies and destroy buildings of walls, a "cut" power which cut the upper part of the screen and move it back and forth, you can actually jump into this cut part, which helps you solve some puzzles...

His final power is "slide" which slams the film frame down, sometimes stunning the enemy, when sliding, you get a close-up and can interact with the scenery, pull levers, attack lesser enemies and other things...

The game has a very power-rangery feel to it, when transformed he even looks like one! The bad guys remind me of the kind of enemies a power ranger would fight too!

The first level will have running through the studio, where you will meet a Robo-Cop parody, which Joe adores, who has gone bad! The nest level is a horror set, one of the areas reminds me of Resident Evil I, it even has zombie dogs there! The boss is an Edward Scissor-hands parody, Joe is a fan of him (her?), but he has become evil too!

The next level is called 180 seconds, why? Because it's the time Ultraman can remain transformed! You guessed, you entered the dai-kaiju eiga studio! Tiny buildings, tiny tanks and a boss who looks like a cross between a female Buddha and Ultrawoman! She even turns back to normal after 180 seconds too! Yeah, Joe loves this gal too!

Then you enter an amusement park, like most japanese amusement park, it has a Power Ranger like show with two moth-like masked heroes gone bad which, wouldn't you know it? Joe is a big fan of too!

The almost final level is a roller coaster ride based on... Vieftiful Joe! A perfect excuse to fight all the bosses again! Here you meet Joe's rival, which made me wish a knew more of the back story of this game!

The final level is directly the final battle, in several stages, the toughest opponent yet!

In between stages, you can save, and spend your "V points" which you get by picking up or fighting bad guys, to purchase moves and items...

I must confess I did play it on Easy, but this IS a Capcom game, and for them Easy is pretty hard!

Being a fighting game, it is rather short, but all the game of this kind are, and like all these kinds of games, they have little replay value...

But the action is fun, and the puzzles were neither to hard or too easy, so I enjoyed it a lot!
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