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Game Journal March 16: Pikmin 2! Pick me too!

There was once a spaceman called Olimar. He works for a company called Hokotate, on one of his journeys he crash landed on a planet where his ship ended up in shambles!

But there he met some very special creatures called Pikmin, half plant/half animal, which helped Olimar retrieved the parts to repair his ship and get back home. But when he got back to the company, the President told him that in his absence they lost a cargo of Pik-Pik carrots and are in a serious debt!

Fortunately he brought back a souvenir, a simple bottle cap, but to them it was worth more than a year of salary!

So he decides to go back to the Pikmin planet to get some "treasure" to repay the debt, but the President insists that you bring Louie, a new worker, with him on his trip...

I'll first tell you a little more about the Pikmin, in the first game there were three kinds of Pikmin, each one represents an element:

-Red Pikmin: This Pikmin are red and have a long and pointy nose, they are immune to fire. They are also exceptional warriors.

-Blue Pikmin: Blue Pikmin with mouths, these are the only ones that can breathe underwater.

-Yellow Pikmin: Yellow and with pig pointy ears, very light and can be thrown higher than any of the other Pikmin, they also the only immune to electricity, which is important since electricity is the only element with kills instantly.

-White Pikmin: One of the new Pikmin, and can only be found underground. They are white and have big red eyes which allow them to find buried treasure. This Pikmin are not only immune to poison, but they are poisonous themselves and if a monster eats them they will take damage or even die! These are the fastest Pikmin.

-Purple Pikmin: New like the white ones, but these are purple chubby and have whiskers. Due to their heavy weight they create a shock wave which can stun monsters for a while, which is perfect for taking out the bigger monsters is you do it right! These are also the slowest Pikmin!

To get more normal Pikmin, you must take the bodies to their ships which will take the nutrients from it to create Pikmin seeds, one thing you know about these seeds if that if left alone for a long while will flower and become faster Pikmin.

Enough about the Pikmin, let's talk about the game itself!

It's funny how they think our junk is treasure, they do find real treasure too, but to them it's just as valuable as an empty can! If you pay attention you WILL recognized the items, most, if not all, the brand that appear in the game are real! They also added some pieces of Nintendo items, all of them with funny descriptions...

It's also funny when you think how small they are. There you are fighting a giant monster that you could squish with you foot, if not with a single finger!

I'd call this an action strategy game, since you do control an army, and you do have to pick carefully which Pikmin each time...

They've now added caverns to the game, full of treasure and even fuller of monsters, and these usually have a boss at the final floor.

The game itself does not really end once you collect the debt, since Louie was left behind you must return to get him back and collect the rest of the treasure...

This is when it really gets fun, you reach the final area with the hardest cavern, one of them has bosses nearly every floor, and the final cavern has the most challenging boss ever!

The Titan Dweevil is a spider-like creature that has found the final treasure and has captured Louie too! He has the treasure stuck to this body and since they are weapons, he WILL use them against you! One represent each element, fire, water, electricity and poison. I must admit I almost gave up, but I finally got the hang of him and beat him!

I must admit I enjoyed this game tremendously, and it's just difficult enough to be challenging without being frustrating.

It's a shame it didn't sell well enough and it won't get a sequel though...
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