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Game Journal March 10: Pac N' Roll

This is the second Pac-Man game for the Nintendo DS, but it actually takes places before ALL the other games for some reason!

Pac-Man is still in training learining how to fight ghosts, and the ghosts aren't very happy about this...

They decide to unlease an ancient ghost called Golvis, which looks like a rockin' ghoul whith an evil "air guitar", because he uses it to blow gusts of air...

Glovis uses his magic powers to turn everyone into balls and captures all! Well, Pac-Man manages to escape and it's up to him to rescue them all!

This game uses the stylus only, you can only control the camera with buttons...

Pac-Man has only three moves, rolling around by dragging the stylus on the screen, doing it faster speed him up, and if you drag it quickly to the border of the screen to dash, and braking, when you brake you won't roll down slopes unless they are very steep!

You will also encounter two new powerups, apart from the power pellets, you get a knight power up, which id slow but it's the only one who can smash iron boxes and doesn't get blown away by gusts of wind, well, not much...

The other is feather cap which is fast, and let's you hover for a few seconds, but since you are so light the wind WILL blow you away!

You will also find diamonds, which are only for completetion purposes, they unlock challenges if you get enough, one of them is the original Pac-Man and another is a maze that is like the original game, but played like Pac N' Roll...

You progress through the level getting pac-dots, which you need to pass through these gates Glovis has planted to hinder your progress, called Glovis Gates, obviously...

One of the levels is the CANDY WORLD LEVEL! Wow! I didn't think they did these anymore!

The game is quite challenging, but difficulty raises not to fast, so if you keep trying you'll get through!

The boss levels are always Glovis, who can only be harmed when you eat THREE power pellets, which get harder to reach each time!

The game is simple, yet challenging, fun, and not too frustrating, and when you beat it you can try to get all the diamonds...
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