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Now that my computer is more powerful than ever I can play World of Warcraft and watch movies at the same time! I've already watched the first season of the original Star Trek...

But today is CHOCOLATE day! YAY!

I ate a Chocolate Gold Lindt Bunny!But not in one go, of course, I'm all poingy now...

I went to Mc Donalds to get the next Minigames from Sega, and to top it off when my sister came to visit we had pizza! My hiatal hernia gives up!

It may be hard to believe but I used IRC today for the first time, and I chatted at the Sluggy IRC chat... I even "wrestled" with the voice of Kiki! POING!

My parents returned from visiting our granparents this weekend, they always give us money as late/early Xmas/birthday gifts, or maybe to "bribe" us into visiting them? I don't know, it's a tradition and they'd be offended if we didn't take...

Anyway, this money will NOT be spent on games of DVDs, but on a new office chair the one I'm sitting on now is getting old and is falling apart and some shelves... But now that I think of it, the office chair is for my PC, my GAMING PC, and the shelves will probably be used to store games and DVDs, and maybe a few comics and cookbooks....

Also I'm trying to get my hands on tool box, but one for repairing PCs...

I might buy the Machinae Supremacy CD, if I have some money left....
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