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Game Journal Feb 28: Police Quest II: The Vengance

Being the sequel to the Police Quest I, it has the same characters, but for some reason you are now blonde! I guess he kept his hair blonde after dying it for a disguise in the first game...

Bains, "The Death Angel" has escaped and you are on his case, the game is, like the first one, mostly following the book and the procedures, except the toned it down a little, in the previos game it was just following the book, but now you actually have to do some investigation...

This is a parser/text adventure, so the main trouble you'll encounter is finding the right words to make your character to do the action you want him to, no to mention you have to right next to the place were you have to do it...

It's been a long time since I've played a game this old, since it had practically no sound, I had to turn on some music because I really don't like silence... :P

They increase the drama in this game a lot, these is more death, danger and all that rot, it's more intersting than the first game...

It did had one cliche that annoyed me a little.... Why is it that in ALL Sierra adventure, when you get on a place it gets hijacked by arabs?

I must note a cameo or Larry Laffer in the airport too...

In the end you propose to your girlfriend, which is pretty cliche as well...

Wanna bet she gets killed in the next game? ¬_¬

Oh right, I liked the game... :P
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