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Game Journal Feb 24: Three Dirty Dwarves...

This games takes place in your typical evil company obssesed in creating evil weapons and super soldiers, but their latest batch of super soldier weren't normal, they were GEEKS!

They were only kinds and only seemed interested in play table top role-playing games, but it's far from the trurth!

These kids are not playing any ordinary game, their dice actually contols three dwarves from a parallel world, Greg, Corthag and Taconic, who eventually reach the real world ready to rescue the children...

The game is a scrolling fighting game, like Streets of Rage or Final Fight, but unique and original in it's own way!

You can switch between the three of them at any moment, and each of them has different weapons that can be more or less usefull in different ocassions...

When one get's hit he'll be KO'd, but you can whack him with the other dwarves to wake him up, if they are all knocked out, you'll have to continue and restart the level...

This game is just how I like it, zany and funny, the enemies are just insane! Naked ninjas, a voodoo kid riding a giant stuffed chicken, duct-tape lady, and other odd thing...

You also have to be creative and use your noggin, like in one level you'll encounter a big four-armed man who seems invincible, but he does move back, and back, until he walks into a lady waiting at the Bus stop which whacks him with a purse!

There are several special stages, some are bosses, some are cart rides, and one is even a baseball game!

I don't know if this game was easy or maybe I just got the hang of it?

It's length was pretty decent for a game of this type, but like a game of this type, it doesn't have much replayability, unless you want to play again with friends, which should be lots of fun!
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