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Game journal Feb 23: Police Quest 1 VGA

Ah, it's been a long time since I played a Sierra adventure, and boy did I ever need it!

You obviously play a cop, and the game obviously is about being a cop, it's all about following the rules...

Obviously, if you are a cop this should be a walk through the park!

You start out small, arresting drunk drivers, giving tickets to speeding cars, etc, etc...

You have to patrol around the city with your car, so you obviously have to DRIVE, but the controls for the driving scenes are quite easy, you automatically slow down at curves, and you get a warning STOP sign when you will crash with another car, but if you do you crash you'll just respawn close by...

I'd say the game is short, but most games from this era are this short, so I won't say it... :P

Like I said before, it's all about following the correct procedures, reading their rights to thugs, handcuffing them and taking them to jail, and all that rot...

To me it's more of a cop simulator than an adventure, but it was also something like I've never played before, so I had fun!
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