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Coffee and Coupons and... The Cheat? Oh my!

Yesterday I got a package from the Homestar Runner store, it was the latest DVD (Everything Else Vol. 1), and a The Cheat plush!

Man, this thing is practically "life" size! It's much bigger than expected! Like the box says, you have to "kick" The Cheat to make him talk, in other words you have to hit it kinda hard to get him to talk... :P

The DVD was pretty cool too! It tons of cools stuff I've never seen before! :D

Today I had to go to the place where I got eye laser surgery to see if I was recovering well, but I need a touch up, and my eyes haven't settled yet so I'll have to go there again in three months...

Since the bus station is next to a mall, and I had some coupons, I payed a visit...

I finally got to using the Starbucks coupon I had, would you believe I never tried anything from a Starbucks before? We don't have many around here...

I ordered something called Frappachino, and it was delicious, but... Was it coffee? I mean it tasted like a caramel sundae to me!

Well, since coffee makes me cranky, it'd probably a good thing...

I also had coupons for a toy store, where they had games, and they already had their games with a discount!

Man, I gotta remember to buy my games in these toy stores more often!

My copy of Shadow of the Colossus arrived today, but my PS2 pad died on me, and I couldn't find one in the mall...


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