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Game journal Feb 20: Figthing Vipers

I always have trouble reviewing figthing games, even if it's a mini review, since my reviews talk about the plot and figthing games have little to none plot, it's just fighting and more fighting, but still...

The thing that makes Figthing Vipers stick out from the crowd is that it has an armour system. When you character gets hit enough and hard enough you'll lose it and you'll take more damage...

Obviously the females are quite scantily-clad when they lose their armour, but don't all fighting games have female eye candy?

Like most games from this era it has only a handful of figthers and a few more to unlock, so it's not that long to complete, and frankly it plays just like Figthers Megamix except they can't move as freely around the ring...

Oddly enough the first thing I unlocked was a no damage option, you'd think that would be the last right?

Like with most figthers, once you unlock everything and beaten the game with all characters there isn't much to do unless you have someone to play with...

And like most figthing games it's a fun adrenaline rush!

What else can I say about a figthing game? Should I describe the slightly generic characters? Tell you about the nearly non existant plot? No...

This game is all about gameplay, and it's fun to play, what more do you want? :P
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