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Game journal Feb 18a: Figthers Megamix....

I finally played my first Sega Saturn game, Fighters Megamix!

It's kinda like Capcom all-star fighters games except with Sega figthers, namely Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighters and several others unlockable characters from other games like Virtua Fighter Kids, Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Cop and... the car from Daytona?

This game is slightly different from other when playing the one player mode, you see, in most games you play several rounds until you get to the boss, but here the rounds are actually courses, each one with a different theme of figthers and a different unlockable reward for beating it, and frankly that's what the game is all about, at least to me...

After unlocking all the characthers, there are still quite a few options to unlock so there is still a lot to do once you've beaten the one player mode...

Since I'm new to the Sega Saturn I can't really compare it to other games, but the graphics looked nice and I had a lot of fun...
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