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Even though I'm bleeding, today was bloody awesome!


Previous Entry Even though I'm bleeding, today was bloody awesome! Feb. 17th, 2006 @ 10:04 pm Next Entry
WOAH! Today was extremely eventfull!

At work I saw something pretty weird, it was what looked like an albino roach, for a second I thought I had discovered a new insect and wanted to take some pics, but my father refused to let me go fetch the camera, so I called my mother to bring it when she came over to work, a few hours later...

The roach barely moved but it was alive, at first it appeared to be communicating with a normal roach, then I tought they were mating, but then...

The other roach stopped moving! He was bleedin' eating it!

I was startled to see an icky roach shell slowly float to the floor! Then the roach was trying to get away, but I managed to trap him just in time, because my mother arrived with my digital camera, but the batteries were dead....

So I ran home to get some new ones, but decided to Google a little on roaches before going back...

It appears roaches molt and look albino-ish for a few hours, come to think of it, it looked let white after a few hours, also cannibalism is normal for roaches too...

It was still kinda cool... :P

While I was on a "roll" playing We Love Katamari, I got some packages in the mail, Nanostray and the two first Bone comics!

In the afternoon I went to the post office to pick up the Sega Saturn my German friend sold me...

I decided on my way there to go to the old game store and wouldn't you know it, THEY HAD SATURN GAMES!

They didn't have them last time! Now that's a coincidence!

But that isn't the most awesome part! They had Sonic 10th Anniversary Edition! Imagine finding such a rare game here!

When at work I hit myself with the faucet at work, the handle was oddly shapped and slightly sharp, so I kinda have a cut on my forehead now....

My father made me wait till we got home before tending to the wound... :P
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Date:February 18th, 2006 03:15 am (UTC)
*raises eyebrow, Spock-style*
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