Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-15-2011

  • 18:45:06: @TheSpoonyOne May you live in interesting times!
  • 18:52:08: @AWDtwit I'm pretty sure there is a SNK one in general?
  • 19:54:15: A new Sunday comic! Super Quirky Uber Entitled Egg! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3766
  • 21:20:48: The Bright Moon looms & we just woke a sylvan sprite in a hidden grove where Jim Guthrie happened to be hanging out. #sworcery
  • 21:23:45: The Bright Moon looms & we just woke a sylvan sprite from the still waters of a lake where a mother duck was freaking out. #sworcery
  • 21:41:23: We got The Bright Moon Trigon for glory & for spite. #trigontamed #sworcery
  • 21:46:14: Our research data shows a high correlation between a participant's progress in S:S&S EP & their aptitude for being awesome. #sworcery
  • 21:49:02: Keenspot got Kevin Smith to do them a plug? http://youtu.be/fX6lmuxDxO8
  • 21:56:45: @samandfuzzy Doesn't Hot Topic already have a history of selling "art theft items"?
  • 21:58:17: O.K., I'll admit, D.W.A.R.F.S.'s character Reperto has a pretty clever "gadget guy" name.
  • 22:54:43: @djmayhem So... does that mean they payed him to say this? :|
  • 23:00:31: Good Lord! The voice acting in Trouble Witches is Jill Sandwich good/bad! XD
  • 23:43:30: @djmayhem Well, maybe an individual comic, but yeah.. Keenspot in general is almost forgotten?
  • 23:57:55: @djmayhem The fact that nearly every comic joined has left them eventually speaks volume of the quality of their "collective".

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