Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-13-2011

  • 06:01:57: @Yamino I just saw your peanut butter art story, which reminds me of the art exhibit we had here, it had POOP and spilled drinks as art! D:
  • 06:28:40: @Yamino I actually found an official site with a pdf with all the "art" from the exhibit: http://bit.ly/mdfOo2
  • 10:46:24: @starlinex Isn't she just having a vision?
  • 10:53:56: @starlinex This strip suggests it is a vision guard dog program? http://bit.ly/lSbvIn
  • 11:04:41: @starlinex But it's still a vision, right? Even though it can be deadly? Maybe her real body is still OK? Or at least not that bad?
  • 17:35:58: And now Eidos is hacked? And to think there was time when hackers where the good guys in the movies... :|
  • 17:36:44: Why on Earth did we ever make movies with hackers as the good guys? Was it because we didn't know what they really did?
  • 17:46:19: Only 3 weeks left before Persona 3 ends and I get a new Social Link? COME ON! D:
  • 18:09:21: Wanna max out our Social Link? *wink wink* *nudge nudge* #PERSONA
  • 23:20:14: I finally beat Persona 3 Portable and... PSN is still down and the 3DS E-shop isn't online yet? Awww... :(
  • 23:23:50: I just found out PSN won't even let you switch PSN accounts on your PSP, which sucks because I have an unplayed games on the other account.

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