Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-11-2011

  • 11:10:56: Kazushi's story in Persona 3 is making me a bit misty eyed... T_T
  • 11:15:00: Dammit Persona, stop making me care for these kids! There are too many of them! XP
  • 12:46:16: Since when are spoiler warnings spoilers themselves?
  • 14:11:09: @tecmokoeieurope I supposed this even is in London? Too bad I live in Spain! :(
  • 18:07:13: So... Game of Thrones, should I read the book, watch the show or read the book and then watch the show?
  • 20:43:25: @CrowChick Huzzah!
  • 20:51:33: @thejillthompson I live in Spain and I just heard about it on the news now! :(
  • 20:54:30: Angry Birds is free at the Chrome store and.. THIS is the game people can't shut about? I've been playing games like this for FREE for ages!
  • 20:56:25: Apparently people have never played physics puzzle games before, how else could Angry Birds impress anyone?
  • 20:59:51: @oldyogurt Yeah, me too, but I'm speaking of physic puzzles in general, the cut the ropes games are also free online!
  • 21:02:41: The only angry bird I'll ever need is Kazooie!
  • 21:05:09: @ElCuervoComic Most games have angry people breaking sh*t, that's practically the definition of what a video game is! XD
  • 21:07:10: I'm not saying Angry Birds is a bad game, but the hype for the game is so ridiculous I expected something different... :|
  • 21:14:00: @kyubikitsy Yes, but I've played the same style of game before.
  • 21:26:19: @Cyclophile @atlasshrugs I'm Spanish and I can safely say that's not entirely true, they want to coexist, not take over the mosque-cathedral
  • 22:05:23: Who ponies the Ponymen? http://youtu.be/B1hETuP33r8

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