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Yay! Cadburry Eggs! And ZZT...

My sister just gave me a link to make homemade Cadbury's Creme Eggs! Sweet!

I just realized that Pyschonuats is coming out in a month! Jinkies! I gotta preorder it from the US but I don't know if my PC is powerful enough to run it, also my DVD drive is dying and it doesn't play any movies anymore, just when my sister had given my father the first season of the original Star Trek too!

Can you believe I've never seen a single episode? I only saw a movie in which Spock died.... Bummer...

Today I played an old game called ZZT....

                           ▒                     ▒
                           ▒        ☻         ▒
                           ▒                     ▒

This is actually how the game looks like only with colour... And it's actually fun to play!

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