Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-08-2011

  • 09:57:28: @TheSpoonyOne You can actually CHEAT cheat in this game... if you want.
  • 11:22:33: We sang a Song of Sworcery & summoned a slumbering sylvan sprite from the cool waters of a deepwater pond - so strange! #sworcery
  • 11:55:33: We just woke a slumbering sylvan sprite between two loathsome rainbows by the side of The Perilous Precipice. #sworcery
  • 12:22:05: We got The Gold Trigon. We are so awesome. #sworcery
  • 18:08:21: Apparenly I can't play more Sword & Sworcery until the new moon? That's kinda cool and kinda annoying... :|
  • 22:06:55: @AmyLukima Does mean that now fanboy gamers are art snobs? Does that make us art connoisseurs? Should we get monocles? *excitement*
  • 22:08:52: If games are officially art now, does that make us gamers art connoisseurs? Should we buy monocles and a fez? 8D
  • 22:49:12: Bakery of the North Star: http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3750

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