Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-07-2011

  • 06:17:57: @EmmyCic They probably did it so they can follow you again in hopes of being #5000?
  • 07:00:37: @AWDtwit But he once saved a kitten stuck in a tree! Although he killed everybody there to make stairs with their bones to do it though...
  • 08:29:49: @sirkowski It's on YouTube too: http://youtu.be/IPs_QXl3eos
  • 08:31:57: @AWDtwit How was I supposed to know? He killed all the witnesses! Would you call him out on that?
  • 15:08:04: @Benzaie_tgwtg @JewWario 's head will explode if he sees this! XD
  • 15:20:06: Far from the war-ravaged steppes of Scythia we met a dark-haired girl in a sunlit meadow. #helloworld #sworcery
  • 15:20:21: To the mountain folk of The Caucasus she was known as 'Girl' & she seemed nice. #obviously #sworcery
  • 15:24:37: We spied a curious-looking nestbox with an inscription that read "Tweet & ye shall be re-tweeted". #sworcery
  • 15:31:06: The woodsman known as Logfella had chosen to chill out beneath a stone shelter near The Perilous Precipice. #sworcery
  • 15:32:56: We had bridged the chasm & we felt super smart. #sworcery
  • 15:46:47: We had retrieved The Megatome & Logfella was 100% ready to move it move it to the safety of his lodgings. #sworcery
  • 15:52:41: We got The Megatome & we are the smartest. #gotmegatome #sworcery
  • 16:38:04: Sony no longer know when PSN will be back up? *facepalm* This is getting ridiculous!
  • 17:46:12: So I know have Game Center, my username is tanukitsun3.. it's been a while since I've found my username taken. :|
  • 18:08:57: @PushinUpRoses Why? The booby traps are long gone!
  • 18:54:39: The first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is over.... NOOOO! I NEED MAH POOOONIES! T_T
  • 21:25:55: I wish I had remembered about Free Comic Book Day sooner, I could have asked a US friend to get me a free Darkwing Duck comic.... :|
  • 22:11:12: @MarzGurlProd That video was so funny I nearly choked to death watching it.. I'LL SUE! XD
  • 22:26:12: @AWDtwit There's Street Fighter IV 3DS and the Dynasty Warrios game, if you like DW games, this one is pretty good!
  • 22:41:55: Kitchen Kaos has updated and it's ANIMATED! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3748
  • 22:43:40: @AWDtwit The AR games are fun and so is Streetpass Quest, but they'll only entertain you for a few mintues.

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