Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-06-2011

  • 05:49:36: The hackers claim they are going to hack the Sony site and publish the info they stole.... I'm sure that will get the people on their side!
  • 05:50:57: But seriously, how can anybody be on their side if they threaten to publish your credit card info?
  • 06:37:17: I wonder if PSN will be back before Nintendo's E-Shop is up?
  • 11:03:41: I'm sorry, but I just can't play Metal Gear Solid: Peace Maker, the controls are just not good enough for me. It needs another analog stick!
  • 11:17:49: Metal Gear has bad controls, no checkpoints and it's a NON-RPG grindfest.... How is this the most amazing game ever? :|
  • 11:18:43: I don't mind grinding in RPGs, but in stealth FPS? Surely, you jest!
  • 14:30:47: @Topherocious Maybe they think Project Diva fans are loaded since importing games is expensive? *shrugs*
  • 21:51:48: @SamanthaKyle Puffed pig? What kind of recipe is that?
  • 22:29:20: Sony Europe says we'll get two free PS3 games and 2 free PSP games as compensation... I'd rather have PSN cards... :| http://bit.ly/jT3ik1
  • 22:34:41: If I beat Persona 2 Portable before the PSN store is back.... I'll have nothing to play? D:
  • 23:54:31: And then there were puns has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3746

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