Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 05-04-2011

  • 09:19:42: We need a TiVo for Internet shows, I'm fed up with these unskippable ads, specially when the ad is longer than the show. :|
  • 15:11:34: @Iron_Spike I'd rather just have more Dick Figures.
  • 15:12:58: I love how sites that block content to non US viewers will still force you to watch an ad before telling you to sod off... :|
  • 16:57:43: Am I the only one who would actually pay for a video ad blocker? As long as it blocked all video ads on all main video sites?
  • 18:49:49: The bakery next door has cupcakes... I might be doomed? But they say they have meringue and cream filling... I don't think they got it right
  • 18:55:27: Yep... this is not a real cupcake.. I'm "safe".... T_T
  • 19:07:42: I got @rockinandroid 's Suguri Perfect Edition in the mail today! YAY!
  • 20:37:18: Once again, Play.com has sold me an opened games as a new game...
  • 20:40:37: Stay classy, Mondo Media... http://youtu.be/GjiGk44d2sA (Very offensive)
  • 23:51:48: @JimSterling Maybe calling someone a troll is a form of trolling now?
  • 23:52:16: Pun Dungeon: And Then There Were Puns continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3741
  • 23:58:47: This is one of my favorite games and the ones that had the most influence on me: http://youtu.be/SWmuI5JrPsY (This explains so much!) XD

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