Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-30-2011

  • 06:45:40: @RealDeadpool You're tearing me apart, Deadpool! Literally!
  • 10:21:59: Ahh.... Tea and My Little Ponies, the manliest of passtimes! *puts on tiara* <3 #PONIES
  • 11:30:48: OK, can someone explain why God of War III's violence made me a bit sick, but I'm squeeing over the exploding heads in FoTNS: Ken's Rage?
  • 13:20:05: I guess I don't mind the violence in Ken's Rage because it's "giblets" and not "guts n' gore"? :|
  • 14:34:27: @surlyqueen How is that even possible? How can you be on break if you aren't open for business?
  • 14:54:26: Oh Japan, you're such a wacky funster! http://youtu.be/lzFSvPqSllw
  • 17:43:38: The 360's controller battery died in the middle of a boss battle and... the game didn't pause, but thank God I had a charged spare! XD
  • 17:47:02: @alyankovic "Killin' it" means both doing it great and ruining it. Unfortunately I can't tell which you mean this time.
  • 18:03:09: I think there is a difference between the Karo syrup of the cheesy "gibletty" violence and the "torture pr0n" we get today...
  • 21:09:35: @TheSpoonyOne Demon's Souls is "beautifully broken"? The game cheats, but so can you?
  • 21:13:22: Someone just compared what's happening to Sony to what happened to BP a while ago... I does compare well, doesn't it?
  • 23:53:16: Kitchen Kaos meets the Flan-Tastic Four! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3735

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