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From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 10:45:04: @toblix Why are you ordering a new card? Won't the bank cancel fraudulent transactions? I won't cancel mine until I see something fishy.
  • 11:43:36: @toblix Nobody really knows from whom or what was stolen, I'm not canceling mine until I know more, besides the hassle will be inmense.
  • 11:46:00: @toblix If the worse happens, I'd rather deal with my bank and get the charge nulled than removing my CC info off several sites.
  • 12:48:35: @toblix Then what issues are you having with Play? Either way I think it's too hasty to cancel my debit card, at least for now.
  • 13:35:12: @toblix I think they had issues with verification process I couldn't buy anything from them until they stopped asking for it.
  • 14:01:56: @toblix Unless you have the same username and password as on PSN should you be safe?
  • 14:22:49: @toblix I doubt The Hut is much better, their items don't even come with a receipt! :|
  • 14:27:32: Did @TGWTG change it's schedule? I sometimes see the shows the moment I wake up, now I see them at lunch time?
  • 14:28:59: While I don't mind a change in @TGWTG 's schedule, it was so very convenient to have the shows earlier.
  • 15:03:26: Seeing that people are canceling their credit cards and some are even sueing Sony, I can't help to think the Sony's PR made things worse.
  • 15:04:43: Sony's PR won't give us all the details so people panic, they are being so vague that anything could have happened.
  • 15:12:33: Isn't a public relations supposed to make bad news sound good? Or at least not that bad? Sony's PR obviously made things worse, right?
  • 18:10:41: @JimSterling If they don't give us an update soon, I'm pretty sure more defenders will lose confidence in Sony, I know I will if they don't
  • 21:54:23: @Paradisacorbasi Your Doc fired you? Did you worked for him?
  • 21:56:37: @Paradisacorbasi Oh, I hope you can find a good replacement! :(
  • 22:32:45: Well, it looks like Sony is screwed.... and so are all the indie and niche game developers that depend on Sony... :(
  • 22:33:15: @MykalWane I was wondering why I didn't hear from you lately! XP
  • 22:35:14: Everybody is angry at Sony, I'm just angry at the part in charge of keeping us informed.
  • 22:45:53: @toblix OK, I am bit angry at Sony, but I won't be really angry until I know what's happened. And if they won't tell us, I'll be furious.
  • 23:19:59: How do I appear to be melodramatic by telling people to calm down?
  • 23:23:20: @MykalWane Oh, congrats! :3
  • 23:37:45: @carsonfire That would be pretty mean to the thunderbolts... :|
  • 23:44:31: @carsonfire He told me he was charged with assault and battery from them and that they are re-volting!
  • 23:53:32: @gigifritter Are they boo-tiful?
  • 23:59:32: The Pun Dungeon story: And Then There Were Puns continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3729

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