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From Twitter 04-26-2011

  • 06:29:08: @dcorsetto Was the Plastic Farm story the "Buttmunch" story? Huh, huh, huh, I said buttmunch! XD
  • 09:17:36: @starlinex You got a job as an extra? Which show? Congrats! 8D
  • 11:18:26: @starlinex So you got free sushi out of the deal too? Sweet! :)
  • 22:13:04: @mudron Is this because of the PSN outage? I doubt MSN or Nintendo are hack proof.
  • 22:14:01: Well.... It looks like I managed to purchase a few games on my US PSN account right before PSN "fell", but I still had money in that account
  • 22:15:44: Isn't it strange how "anon" says they didn't hack Sony the moment Sony says the hackers really screwed them over?
  • 22:21:35: @mudron Oh, they knew a week ago and didn't tell? Or did they knew it was something serious but not what? That's more forgivable?
  • 22:25:28: From what I've read Sony knew they were hacked a week ago, but they never said they knew about the info theft at that moment.
  • 22:27:54: Why is everybody angry at Sony and not at the DAMN HACKER WHO STOLE YOUR INFO? D:<
  • 22:42:53: @ironbunny No, but it was the "Holy Week" I doubt everybody gave up on their holiday to fix the issue.
  • 22:49:53: I just realized I have THREE PSN account, the main Euro one, the US one and the Japanese one.
  • 22:51:11: @ironbunny That might be a good idea, but what if the hacker didn't steal any info? Now we'd angry at them for scaring us.
  • 22:54:48: @ironbunny I think we are panicking now, did they really say ALL account are hacked? Of just those who received the email? I didn't get one.
  • 22:55:17: @oldyogurt I only have one in each region because each region has exclusive games?
  • 23:07:47: RT @theDivaLea: PM RT My Little Batwoman Pony! http://twitpic.com/4pmww1 #mylittlepony
  • 23:08:28: @theDivaLea YEEESSS! I love seeing people "ponifying" everything! <3
  • 23:09:24: @reiley Curiosity?
  • 23:44:07: @Kathleen_LRR Surprised kitten! http://bit.ly/f94Eo5
  • 23:44:28: Wow... People are going to sue SONY? Not the hackers? XD
  • 23:53:41: And Then There Were Puns #2 is up! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3727
  • 23:57:07: Frankly, I like the idea of people making awful remakes... they make people remember how awesome the original was?

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