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From Twitter 04-25-2011

  • 09:53:50: @mudron It is on it's last legs as far as I see, there is nothing but the new Zelda and shovelware in it's future releases.
  • 10:07:06: Sony: "We won't sell visual novels, they aren't real games! ..... Wanna buy the Metal Gear Visual Novel?" :|
  • 10:16:54: @irishgirl982 Yikes! And they say my hand writing is hard to read! XP
  • 13:14:55: @irishgirl982 All my ancestors are from a small unknown village, the only person who is possibly a distant relative is http://bit.ly/eiBHwi
  • 13:16:30: @irishgirl982 Considering he's famous for getting shot in the butt... I don't really want to know... (He'd be a great great uncle anyway)
  • 14:03:02: @Paradisacorbasi What is that? A caffeinated candy? Aren't energy drinks syrupy enough to be candy anyway? XD
  • 14:13:05: @Paradisacorbasi I can't do carbonated stuff either... caffeine is a no-no come to think of it. But what is energy candy?
  • 15:59:28: I love the atmosphere and the ammo/money thing in Metro 2033, but... It's just another Shooty Mc Boom Boom game... :|
  • 16:36:20: @Yamino You seem to have the best taste in shows, because I end up being a fan of every show you mention... Dai Mahou Touge is pretty sweet!
  • 16:42:37: @Yamino I'd ask you to post what you watch more regularly, but I fear an awesome overload! XD
  • 20:38:19: @Nash076 Is this just for the US servers? I only use PSN cards for that account.
  • 20:39:52: @AWDtwit Some say they stole their credit card info when they took down PSN?
  • 20:53:12: @AWDtwit My US account uses PSN cards, so I don't think I should worry anyway?
  • 22:33:14: @inspchin I think this anime might have been made by Warriors fans! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ucrx8oISkKw XD
  • 23:30:15: @superhappy People who are offended by misandry are the reason there is misandry?
  • 23:36:49: @SamanthaKyle This is the Internet, somewhere out there is someone offended because you posted a pic of a cat that was naked. *shrugs*
  • 23:38:52: I have a fungus infection in my throat! 8D #TMI
  • 23:51:41: A new Pun Dungeon story! "And then there were puns" begins! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3724

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