Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-24-2011

  • 15:19:11: I'm finally back from the middle of nowhere! Has anything happened since Thursday? I had no internet or TV! D:
  • 16:09:12: I took a 3D photo with my 3DS of the only nice view I could find! http://bit.ly/edr60F
  • 16:51:02: I've discovered that truck stops have all the junk food I've never heard of and want... ridiculously over priced... T_T
  • 19:11:55: GamersGate has @rockinandroid games on sale! http://bit.ly/i9gcat I got Flying Barrel and... the Suguri CD from their site! XD
  • 22:03:17: I listened to the Murder on the Orient Express audiobook on the way back, I slept halfway through it and woke up in time to hear the ending
  • 22:04:34: Needless to say, now that I know the ending I can't re-listen to it...:(
  • 23:25:06: Nothing like finding out that Tehra Dark Warrior has no checkpoints after dying in a level with 10 mini-bosses in a row... (Deletes app)

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