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Slightly satisfied...

I've been trying to get my PAL 60Hz games to work with my TV Tuner, someone told me about DSCaler a freeware software for your TV Tuner...

At first I got nothing, and just when I was about to give up and looking for a new TV Card, I gave the program one last chance...

And I got it to work! Booyah!

I also managed to fix other things, today I finally found out why sometimes when you install XP you don't get a logon screen and sometimes you do...

I don't why, but sometimes when you install XP it generates a user, and if you have more than one user the logon screen appears...

I'm glad I got rid of it, because now I can just turn it on and get breakfeast when I wake up, so when I get back it's alreayd loaded..

I WAS going to thw mall tomorrow to get a TV card, but now I don't need it anymore, I have no idea of what to do tomorrow.. :P

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