Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-20-2011

  • 08:24:32: @theDivaLea YAY! Another pony fan! <3
  • 08:32:24: @theDivaLea I didn't know of her work before, but I'm sure a fan now! <3
  • 10:15:50: Jesus Christ! God Of War is getting ridiculous! It's making Manhunt look like My Little Pony! D:
  • 10:39:20: Was the God of War series always THIS sick? Was a sick bastard when I played 1&2 or did they make 3 disgustingly sick? :(
  • 10:40:02: At least it's good to know video games DON'T desensitize you.... I'm going to go vomit and hug some puppies now.. T_T
  • 12:17:05: OH GOD! The sex mini-game is so terrible in God of War! You don't see the act, but you see two naked lesbians getting turned on by it! XD
  • 12:17:59: Was God of War meant for 12 year old's? Because this is getting silly! XD
  • 14:32:23: How come it's always OK to do the most horrible things as long as it's to a non-human in games?
  • 14:33:27: I'm pretty sure God of War is only "OK" because he disembowels minotaurs instead of men...
  • 14:51:12: @jimsterling I think you mean fanBOYS, the difference between fans and fanboys is that the previous ones are actually sane! Well, more sane?
  • 17:54:31: I just beat God of War III, my nerd rage is just.... I must rant and vent! But twitter is too short!
  • 18:27:40: All I can say is that God of War III has the worst ending ever.... DX<
  • 21:05:53: This will be the last Tiny Toes update via Twitter, I won't be back online until late Sunday.... http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3715 :(
  • 21:34:51: I have to wake up early morning for tomorrow's trip, but it's too early to go to bed and I can't think of anything to do to distract me...

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