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From Twitter 04-19-2011

  • 07:56:38: Am I the only one who isn't making Portal 2 a day one perch? :|
  • 12:21:28: The more I play God of War the Kratos looks like a monster... Why am I helping him again? :|
  • 13:02:10: I heard once Kratos saved a kitten from a tree... by killing everybody and making a ladder with their corpses... He then ate the kitten! ¬_¬
  • 14:21:21: @EverTomorrow I kinda want to know how the trilogy ends, will Kratos redeem himself or just blow up Olympus and get hookers and blow? XP
  • 14:21:58: @EverTomorrow Although I'm pretty sure it will be the second... :(
  • 14:24:23: I don't mind "losing" my Easter holiday to go a distant village and work like a mule for nothing, but now you want me to go every weekend?
  • 14:25:20: That's messed up, specially since they'll wake me up at 2AM to take the 6 hour trip! I need my sleep and I can't sleep in a car! T_T
  • 15:00:50: @MarzGurlProd Those Kirby Epic Yarn patches are awesome! <3
  • 15:02:19: @lastres0rt Is that a quote from the game? I thought they promised no more cake jokes?
  • 16:19:56: @lastres0rt Oops! What you said actually sounded like a portal quote? ^_^;
  • 16:25:12: RT @SamanthaKyle: Hay guys, support my brother in his career: http://fb.me/VlVDdemT You will do this thing for me. Please RT!
  • 16:34:27: I can't wait for God Of War IV: Puppy Puncher, God of War V Kitten Keelhauler and God of War VI: Baby Basher!
  • 16:49:33: @kinucakes You worked on some Wayforward games? Which ones? 8D
  • 17:26:01: @SamanthaKyle A good sandwich is worth the trouble, but if it's so nasty it starts to call you names, you should stay in? XP
  • 17:32:38: I'm disappointed there isn't a Taito fan page called "Bubble Bible".... XP
  • 17:37:52: @rstevens They do come in new flavors, but you need a tongue from the 5th dimension to be able to taste them!
  • 18:16:59: @AWDtwit Do you know what part is giving you trouble, maybe it would be easier to upgrade than buying a new PC?
  • 21:34:06: @WadjetEyeGames Why? Because it's an AGS made game? D:
  • 21:49:17: @WadjetEyeGames Really? Was Puzzle Bots one of them? I could swear I knew of every adventure game on Steam.
  • 21:49:28: RT @WadjetEyeGames: No Steam release = more direct sales for us! So... tell everyone to buy from us! http://www.geminirue.com
  • 21:54:58: @WadjetEyeGames Oh, I forgot that one was on Steam! I got it directly from them! ^_^;
  • 22:42:54: Making a buffer for Easter is killing me.... XP
  • 23:31:25: Tiny Toes has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3713

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