Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-15-2011

  • 05:49:14: @hpkomic That's a gross generalization of gamers, as in every group, the ones who shout are the only ones we listen to. :|
  • 06:14:09: I just remembered... they never fixed Lucidity, so maybe buying Magicka and hoping they'll fix the bugs wasn't a good idea.... :(
  • 06:36:45: @hpkomic Ah yes, the modern gamer is pretty spoiled, probably because thanks to the Internet they never get to play bad games.
  • 06:54:02: @springiette Cute cameo overload! <3
  • 08:58:29: @PushinUpRoses Happy Birthday! Did you wake up to a teddy baked cake? :3
  • 08:59:09: @Nash076 You have an excellent taste in webcomics!
  • 08:59:36: @zpxlng OH GOD! That's just... so Buckley? B^D
  • 09:05:28: Wow, Tim B^Duckely did it again.... Are all the angry people here just "hate fans" or something? XD
  • 10:50:34: How come I never heard of this Shortpacked short before? http://youtu.be/7frij1GhBdg
  • 11:33:41: @dcorsetto They made a tabletop Ghostbuster's RPG? AWESOME! XD
  • 12:11:49: @SirIve Don't tell me this actually works? That's rather sad!
  • 12:49:37: @KomiIsDrawing From what I've heard he made a very racist joke and fixing it only made things worse?
  • 14:30:44: Apparently Pokémon Black knows when you've been messing with the DS' clock and kick you out of Game Sync for a day? Damn!

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