Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-11-2011

  • 00:02:51: @MarzGurlProd I don't seem to be enjoying Western RPGs as much as I did either.. unless you count the European ones, that is!
  • 05:56:38: @OkenTV I barely use my starter even since I got Victini... He's just so powerful! And fire based too! :(
  • 06:24:19: @OkenTV I've only had him faint a few times because I'm too cheap to use a potion, but he can take a whole gym without healing!
  • 06:25:11: @OkenTV The first gym I fought with him had Pokémon Victini was weak against and he STILL WON EASILY! D:
  • 06:34:11: @OkenTV He gains +2-4 in each stats with each level gain, but it takes a while to get great moves though!
  • 14:24:49: @toblix What did Capcom do?
  • 14:46:13: @toblix Yeah, I just saw that in the forums. Do tell me if you find anything that works!
  • 20:10:15: RT @WAHPcast: NEWS // A Euro release for #Solatorobo has now been made official - and it's being distributed by Nintendo! http://t.co/uT ...
  • 21:02:19: I'd love to win #DynastyWarriors7 WU pen because it's so shiny!... (via @KOEIWarriors @tecmokoeieurope) http://bit.ly/dRVhcj
  • 21:43:58: Is this site legal? Because if it is, I'm so buying this soundtrack! http://bit.ly/i0OHnX <3

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