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From Twitter 04-07-2011

  • 00:01:18: @boxbrown I'm glad you're both OK! D:
  • 06:58:06: @kyubikitsy What? That's insane! Is it in a cage? Maybe it's on the way to a vet? Or from a vet? It's not nice though.
  • 07:00:27: @kyubikitsy That's ridiculous! Won't the bird escape when the door is open? Is there any chance it might have sneaked in?
  • 10:49:47: Even as a kid I read the manliest comics ever! <3 (They colored it badly so it looks kinda horrible now) http://yfrog.com/hsuxpcej
  • 10:51:19: @Coelasquid You are free to say the most horrible thing ever, but you aren't free from it's consequences.
  • 11:06:20: @irishgirl982 LJ has been on the fritz for days... :(
  • 17:35:23: Nothing like beating a game that promises a sequel that will never come... :|
  • 17:36:14: I'm serious fed up with western "sagas" I can't remember the last Western game that didn't hint or promise a sequel and left things unsolved
  • 21:06:26: Is bondage and nudity pro-feminism now? Because I'm pretty sure it's not... :(
  • 21:14:51: @AWDtwit I assume you just the same art piece that I did posted by a certain "rosy" reviewer that likes adventure games? :(
  • 23:20:48: @AWDtwit I find it distressing too, at least she seems better now. I simply don't even know what to do when I see something like this...
  • 23:29:35: If you really think a game is too easy why aren't you "Nuzlocking" it? :|
  • 23:49:38: Tiny Toes story has updated! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3688

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