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From Twitter 04-05-2011

  • 06:03:52: @EricColossal What about games that let you keep them for a while but you lose them in the first level?
  • 06:07:26: @EricColossal Does that one count? Alucard was in a previous game, but he didn't have what he lost in SOTN.
  • 06:08:12: @EricColossal I know it happens in God Of War II and I think of the more modern Metroid games?
  • 06:15:03: @EricColossal I can't remember now if the Prince in the Prince of Persia games always had the Dagger of Time with him.
  • 06:58:26: I...I... I thought I was finished with selling junk on Ebay, apparently I have a metric ton of comics to sell, but I'll do it next year...
  • 09:09:21: @MykalWane If the show wasn't terrible, then the puns wouldn't be terrible either! XP
  • 09:35:21: @kinokofry I owned the sequel, in that one you had to rescue Bony from the Trap Door, I think? (I'm actually subscribed to that channel) XP
  • 10:05:34: @kinokofry Don't you open that trap door! You're a fool if you dare! Don't you open that Trap Door, cause there's something down there!
  • 11:03:08: @inspchin How does a non-UK fan get their hands on this? :(
  • 11:44:17: @inspchin Sweet! Thanks! 8D
  • 12:05:19: @anamanaguchi They barely update anymore, what do you expect?
  • 12:24:35: Of course, the moment my back starts to clear, Play and The Hut have a sale... and this is PSN Plus week too.... T_T
  • 16:33:30: I wonder... has Minecraft hurt the Little Big Planet in any way at all? I can't remember the last time someone made something cool with LBP.
  • 20:20:17: @WAHPcast YEEES! I can't wait till it's out!
  • 22:10:40: The more I hear about Dragon Age II, the less I want to play it.... :(
  • 22:29:10: Bioware can make a mean story, but the game is getting worse and worse.... :|
  • 22:40:37: How on Earth do I get the DLC for Samurai Chronicles for the 3DS? Is it out in Europe yet?
  • 22:55:03: RT @KtShy: Job alert: Pixar's looking for sketch artists. HAVE AT IT! http://bit.ly/eRhTYA
  • 22:57:25: Wow, people are a little paranoid and see ripoffs where there aren't any....
  • 23:03:20: @MagnoliaPearl The artist had a draft of this comic from 2008, before your comic started actually... http://bit.ly/fN6aBy
  • 23:19:52: @KomiIsDrawing I'm fairly positive the photo art moderator at DA is a perv, if this was a drawing this would be banned!
  • 23:37:19: @yugiohtas There is a soccer match in Spain now, I guess it's trending? Also Twitter is acting weird today.

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