Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-04-2011

  • 06:40:36: The allergy is kicking my ass, taking pollen isn't helping much and the allergy pills make me so drowsy I'm useless if I take them.. :|
  • 21:20:41: @aedavis You used LEER! It's not very effective.... Baby used UPROAR! It's super effective! ):
  • 22:05:10: First they hack a Microsoft Exec and now it seems Anon might be taking down PSN.. Things could get ugly... :(
  • 22:07:14: In the end, the only who will end up losing is the normal everyday consumer.... :(
  • 22:15:30: Wow, That Guy With the Glasses is making fun of the Irate Gamer a little too much... I don't like him either, but this is getting silly! :(
  • 22:26:06: @JewWario This wouldn't be the first time I've seen an April Fools' continue for a little while, the Irate Gamer parody is a dead giveaway.
  • 22:39:58: Guys, if you want us to support the hacker that Sony is suing then why did you attack PSN? Now everybody hates YOU!
  • 22:42:48: This is the time they DDOS the Minecraft server because they wanted more content...
  • 23:39:47: Monster High: Say what you want, but the pun are to die for! http://youtu.be/F59Qkq512WY MONSTER PUNS! MY FAVORITE!
  • 23:44:04: I know they expect some adults to watch the show.... NOBODY that's under 30 would get the Laguna Blue joke! XP

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