Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-03-2011

  • 00:41:09: Man, I'm underestimating Pokémon Black, I haven't lost yet to a Gym Leader, but I always win by the skin of my teeth! XD
  • 09:47:20: I just realize some of the games I'm selling are actually rare, but they are BAD PC games, the only bad rare games people care about are NES
  • 09:50:39: Homey D Clown, Gift, Zorro... These are game angry reviewers would love to review! XD
  • 13:10:10: So this happened... somehow? *whistles innocently* http://yfrog.com/h37bmvjj
  • 14:22:10: I got Super Street Fighter IV and Samurai Warriors Chronicles for my 3DS! 8D
  • 15:12:11: Here is my Pokémon Pal Code: 0991 1766 1148 3DS Friend Code: 0044-2835-6739 Give me yours and add me! 8D
  • 15:21:55: @OverTheTopGames Your 3DS friend code is: 4811-6926-4881? I hope you didn't mind me adding you, mine is 0044-2835-6739 !
  • 17:34:51: RT @wowaka_official: http://t.co/CV0o0a8

  • 20:12:59: A shiny and brand new Gentlemen Jellyfish! Get em' while they are hot! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3679

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