Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 04-01-2011

  • 06:37:13: Linkara is in today's Shortpacked! I'M A MAN! http://bit.ly/fimA0E
  • 08:50:55: Is Spain the only country that doesn't celebrate "prank day" today?
  • 09:36:13: April Fools is possibly the worst day to have anything serious happen to you, specially if it's something unlikely!
  • 11:43:37: @joelist It's rude to stare! D:
  • 12:22:14: @PRguitarman Why? It's April Fools' day! Almost all the news reports today are fake anyway!
  • 12:23:05: @toblix Rage? As in people hating April Fools'
  • 12:28:04: @PRguitarman Hmm, do have their RSS feed? I can still see yesterday's news there.
  • 12:31:27: I think one of the "celebs" at The Backloggery is trying to pull a prank... You buy 20 a games a week, I can't believe your unemployed!
  • 12:41:19: @toblix Some are pretty lame, like the "I quit" one, but some of this are rather awesome! I just saw an epic video review crossover!
  • 12:43:20: @toblix I guess it depends on whether the person is just doing something to be silly or if they put a lot of work and thought out the prank.
  • 14:09:44: @devospice Oh, man! I completely forgot to ask if the physical CD offer is also good for international fans? Is it too late?
  • 14:53:43: I just my copy of Pokémon Black in the mail and.... my router is incompatible with the DS and the Wifi dongle won't work with W7 64! DAMN!
  • 15:22:36: @jenniebreeden @Frumph should be able to help you?
  • 16:22:03: @devospice Won't the shipping be murder? All I have to do is buy the CD at iTunes today and email you the receipt when I get it, right?
  • 23:31:53: Tiny Toes Story continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3675

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