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Mmmm... Thai food!

Today we celebrated my sister's B-day, which felt weird since we didn't have cake or open presents, well I got presents, some very late birthday presents, but more on that later!

I simply loved the Thai Restuarant we ate at today was great! It was beautifully decorated and I loved the food! I had curry and for dessert I had an ice cream with lychees and some sweet rice thing! Mmm, yummy!

I sure wouldn't mind visiting that place again! :D

And I finally got my B-day presents!

I got Firefly, the only animated movie of Bruce Lee, "Chinese Gods", Happy Tree Friends Overkill, Bucky O'Hare and a limited editon of Kung Fu Hustle, that came with an inflatable throwing axe and wristband, among other things...

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