Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-31-2011

  • 06:35:42: If I wanted to get into the Dragon Quest series where should I try to start off to see if I like the games?
  • 09:30:39: @wigu At least it's better than Tumblr where everybody is flocking to, it's always down and you can never comment on anything!
  • 10:36:04: @dcorsetto Today's strip DAAAAAAW-iness is off the scale! It literally made say "DAAAAAW!" aloud! <3
  • 13:41:37: Damn, someone forgot to identify his eBay payment at the bank and I have more than one item at that price! What do I do?
  • 13:42:29: Ask and hope the person will be honest? Hope it's the payment of person who said he'd pay yesterday? :!
  • 14:49:02: Did Youtube just force me to link it to Google or did someone try to hack my account?
  • 14:55:09: LJ is showing a "Guru Meditation" error... does this mean it runs on an Amiga? I could swear only Amigas got that error!
  • 18:41:57: @HeliosBlowtorch Thank God! I was worried for a second!
  • 18:44:25: I just realized I hated gamification because all I knew were example of it's use for "evil", I now know it can be used for good!
  • 20:30:44: Damn it! This is urgent! My gmail was hacked! Is there anyway to know if they did anything to important stuff like Paypal and such?
  • 20:31:28: They do send you an email if they try to change anything, right? It looks like they tried to send some spam from my account and gave up?
  • 22:30:08: The comic might be a little late, I still have to figure out if the Gmail hacker did anything else... :(
  • 23:53:37: The Tale of Tiny Toes continues! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3672
  • 23:54:24: Sigh... I haven't gotten much feedback on the hacking, I guess I'll have to go to bed and hope everything is still here when I wake up... :(

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