Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-30-2011

  • 00:03:36: @ChuckNorrisU But Chuck Norris can roundkick a person around the world!
  • 00:04:26: After countless pages, we finally get to see Tiny Toes! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3668
  • 06:04:50: I dreamed I was in a indoor zoo everything seemed out of place and a baby sloth had clinged to my bad when I woke up. #DREAM
  • 07:00:19: @WAHPcast I didn't even know Irem was still around!
  • 11:24:10: @ManaDrake Some people just hack at random, I'm pretty unknown and my site got hacked once.
  • 11:50:53: Yeah.. I'm not buying a 3DS until it has more games for it, it doesn't look it will be scarce so there is no need to buy one just in case.
  • 12:52:37: WOW! Legend of Mana is a mess! It's a pointless mess and total B.S.! XD
  • 12:53:05: It's a story with an RPG tacked on... The hero doesn't have a purpose... AT ALL!
  • 13:06:26: @reneengstrom Unfortunately Nintendo has the gall to charge extra for "import" Virtual Console games, it will probably be 2-300 more points!
  • 13:31:24: @reneengstrom The worst part is that they overcharge you! You can buy a Playstation game on your PS3 for the price of a NES one on the Wii!
  • 15:06:46: @SamanthaKyle Wow! That looks very complex and awesome! 8O
  • 17:43:29: I just tried this s'more thing... We don't Graham Crackers here, but it's just.... <3
  • 17:44:42: @Brighat I call it the "OOGA BOOGA Network"!
  • 17:49:00: @Brighat Because it's trying to scare you? Isn't "OOGA BOOGA" the same as "BOO!" for the US?
  • 19:29:28: @SamanthaKyle We don't have Reese's cups in Spain, can I just add peanut butter manually?
  • 20:10:16: @JonScrivens My copy of Black sound arrive any day now! I'll add you when I get it! :3
  • 20:12:25: @SamanthaKyle We only have one brand of peanut butter here I think... I'll give it a go if I can find some! 8D
  • 22:16:34: Wow, the Angry Birds developer ego is insane! It made ONE successful game and it think it's know more than the veterans?
  • 22:17:54: Prove you make another successful game, one that's actually original and they we can talk about know how the game industry works, OK?
  • 22:18:31: @Yamino I think I found a cake that will drive you Gaga! http://chzb.gr/g0MtC3
  • 23:39:32: Tiny Toes CU-CU-CU-COMBO COMIC! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3670
  • 23:56:41: @RamuneIgasu The worst part is that Angry Birds isn't even an original game, it's a ripoff! How dare they act like they know anything?

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