Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-28-2011

  • 10:25:22: I've been told that unsalted, unbuttered airpopped popcorn is actually kinda healthy? "healthy" and "popcorn" in the same phrase? MADNESS!
  • 14:25:59: @edwardjgrugiii Wow! It's awesome how is Youtube is filled with unknown pilots like this! :3
  • 17:43:44: @colettebennett That pun seems a bit Tri-forced... :|
  • 20:55:02: If a survey agrees with your views, it's "undeniable proof", but when it disagrees, you point out how utter nonsense these survey are! ;P
  • 21:36:08: @Benzaie_tgwtg Why call the video that when you're just trying to say that every era has it's faults?
  • 21:45:52: @ryanestrada I know they are meaningless, but people forget that if it's in their favor, even I do sometimes... :(
  • 21:58:24: @ryanestrada 50% of people believe surveys! UNDENIABLE PROOF! ;P
  • 22:16:56: @ryanestrada I'd hate to be the other guy.. :(
  • 23:58:25: A new pages of Tiny Toes is up! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3664

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