Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-27-2011

  • 00:03:47: @indigo__ I know, I'm better now... I feel silly thinking my English skills are lacking when I'm literally making puns left and right...
  • 00:37:20: A wild Kitchen Kaos appears! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3660
  • 11:08:12: @littlefroggies What happened? Are you OK? D:
  • 11:13:30: Great, now the troll is accusing me of being a troll for the exact reason he was picking on me before! ¬_¬
  • 11:14:09: @littlefroggies I hope you recover soon! :(
  • 11:35:28: @RamuneIgasu That's probably why they have to retcon other superheroes, they are out of new superhero names! XD
  • 11:36:50: @RamuneIgasu @OkenTV I don't know what to think anymore, he now thinks I'M A TROLL and that I'm doing everything on purpose! :(
  • 13:54:24: I have a game based on Homey The Clown... I didn't remember he had a game! It's going on Ebay anyway... It kinda sucks! XP
  • 14:55:42: The troll is blaming all the turmoil in the forums HE created on me! THE GALL!
  • 16:43:40: How ever thought on how they invented or discover recipes? Was the person who discovered bread lucky or a genius?
  • 16:44:34: I'm imagining cavemen making pastes with several herbs and fruits until they find the right one.
  • 16:59:49: @indigo__ Things seem to be more rational now...
  • 17:12:22: A Thousand Apples http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3662 (I kinda made up a proverb?)
  • 17:28:35: I'd love to make some extra art this weekend, but I've spent the whole weekend putting stuff on Ebay... I've lost count of how many...
  • 17:29:49: Oh and before you ask, this isn't a money thing, these are old PC games with giant boxes that take up too much space, I must get rid of them
  • 18:03:14: Wow... it looks like things calmed down finally?
  • 18:06:25: @JimSterling Damn, they can't seem to make a good Warriors game on any portable Nintendo system, the rest were pretty forgettable too!
  • 18:12:12: @JimSterling I was talking about the Nintendo one, the PSP game was the first one I got and it got me hooked, I miss the elephants though...
  • 23:45:29: @EverTomorrow Get well! :(

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