Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-26-2011

  • 00:45:30: A man may eat a thousand apples, but he will only remember the one with a worm with it and think every apple has a worm in it.
  • 00:46:24: Hmm, did that sound like a proverb or like one of Murphy's Laws? I just made it up now.... XP
  • 00:49:45: @OkenTV Woohoo! Congrats on reaching a milestone! May you have 100 more!
  • 01:02:00: Tiny Toes in the tree tops! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3658
  • 01:17:38: @rstevens Dick Tracy got away with being a Dick!
  • 07:51:48: The tag troll at Idle Thumbs is calling me a troll now? That's kinda hilarious! XD
  • 08:03:01: The thread seems to be agreeing on every except one point, how am I trolling them when we are getting along?
  • 11:18:32: I'm kinda glad the anonymous troll make just a stupid prank, I can no longer take him seriously!
  • 12:35:11: Damn, I got Securom from a demo and I think I'm still "infected", even though I used their removal tool... :|
  • 13:43:16: Damn, my new computer now freezes for a second or two when I try to change windows sometimes... AFTER I installed something with Securom!
  • 13:56:02: @toblix The worst part is that I got from a DEMO! At this rate, you'll get SecuROM from simply looking at the game!
  • 13:56:53: @toblix I'm too new to Windows 7 to even know if it has regedit, but I assume that will get rid of the rest of the "infection"?
  • 14:17:36: @toblix I did, it left a few files and things are still a bit janky.
  • 17:46:24: @mightymur I'm on the opposite spectrum, I felt like the romance is more mini-game than meaningful in Bio-Ware games, but it's nice to have.
  • 18:01:51: @Yamino So that's your evil plan! You want to have Tara to voice Claire and create an awesome overload that will destroy the world!
  • 20:15:22: @Shortpacked It's a dispute about an apple orchard
  • 20:32:40: @PushinUpRoses Just show the drink some pictures of booze bottles with their labels off, that should do the trick! ;P
  • 21:41:25: @Paradisacorbasi I think he does, but he never uses it... I'm pretty sure I follow him too!
  • 23:11:46: Is my English bad? Or does it seem like I don't understand English that well? :(
  • 23:18:36: @CTZ You nearly Togepeed yourself laughing?
  • 23:25:34: @rockinandroid Does this count for PSN sales too?
  • 23:28:35: @indigo__ This anonymous troll finally revealed himself and is claiming that I lack basic skill to comprehend English.... :(
  • 23:36:50: Damn, that troll comment really got to me, I really love the English language, so I can't bare to think I don't fully understand it! :(
  • 23:37:24: I'm a punster! I NEED to know as much about the English language as I can! D:
  • 23:47:18: Great, I'm pretty sure the reason I vomited is from how much the troll upset me.... T_T
  • 23:50:43: @kyubikitsy It's same here for The Canary Islands, The form you have to fill is a pain too... :(

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