Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-18-2011

  • 00:29:57: @boxbrown @JessFink Are you trying to get her killed? D:<
  • 06:51:43: @Obscurus_Lupa That was so cheesy, I wish you had milked the bovine puns a bit more, but it looks like you were bullied out of making more!
  • 07:12:53: @Obscurus_Lupa What's your beef with cow puns? You can't quit now, the steaks are so high!
  • 07:45:56: @heymadeleine How utterly adorable! X3
  • 07:49:36: @Obscurus_Lupa I would, but I'm afraid I'd just butcher the pun!
  • 10:35:24: @MagnoliaPearl Isn't that frog voiced by Charo?
  • 11:18:08: If kusoge is a Japanese game that's so bad it's good, what do you call an anime that's so bad it's good?
  • 12:01:40: @notch Don't they call them "Freemium" games? Free but with payed content? I've heard this term used by many gamers.
  • 12:49:59: Heavy Rain invented a genre? I guess Indigo Prophecy never existed then... And Shenmue? It was just a fever dream!
  • 14:36:22: The Ikki Tousen game wasn't as pervy as I feared, it's almost tame compared to the show! God of War has more skin showing off than this game
  • 14:43:16: I can't really say if the game is OK or not, it's better the only other 2D brawler for this system, Unbound Saga, but that's not hard to do?
  • 15:25:59: @zpxlng Why should there be? I've never seen spam on DA before?
  • 17:01:31: Ikki Tousen is a nightmare on arcade mode, not because it's difficult, it's because it has too many enemies per level and it's monotonous!
  • 17:09:58: It's monotnous, bland and many characters are almost unplayable....And this is why you should play your games before buying sequels!
  • 18:03:55: I wish console game updates said what the update does.... PC ones do!
  • 22:08:52: Silhouette Mirage has giant fish monster with a girls face.. It has the " :3 " face! D:
  • 22:27:27: So now you're hating on a THIRTEEN year old girl because you don't like her singing, Internet? Seriously? *shakes head in shame*
  • 23:07:09: RT @jchutchins: A guy asked this teacher, "What do you make?" Click play to learn the teacher's awesome reply. http://bit.ly/ex57Oy

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