Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

From Twitter 03-10-2011

  • 00:11:05: PUG! <3 http://bit.ly/gteE46
  • 00:36:04: The Tiny Toes story tip toes in! http://www.pixel-pandemonium.com/?p=3623
  • 00:56:11: @dcorsetto Didn't you do Girl Scout and other similar activity that involve children? Maybe it's from something like that?
  • 08:02:31: @littlefroggies The boys talk more as the show goes on. Give the show a chance! JOIN UUUUUSSSS! POOOONIEEEES! <3
  • 15:35:09: @SirIve I wonder what happened to all those sparkling and annoying gifs when people stoped using MySpace.
  • 17:09:24: I wish I could take a screenshot of what just happened... Kenka Bancho a Japanese school gang brawler... HAS A MONKEY ISLAND REFERENCE?
  • 17:10:07: I doubt it was in the original game, I bet it's just the people who localized it who are fans?
  • 17:46:59: Oh, sweet! There is hidden smack talk in Kenka Bancho! It's mostly pop culture references?
  • 20:25:39: @RamuneIgasu The game has "smack talk", it gives you an option of what to say, but there are many secret sayings, some are pop references.
  • 23:50:30: @jchutchins You could make a Deadwood level in Little Big Planet 2?

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